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Wickenburg Needs a Mayor with Dynamic Strengths

Wickenburg is at a critical juncture and needs a Mayor who will:

  • Listen to the people’s wishes and follow through accordingly.

  • Chart a course for intelligent growth.

  • Strengthen collaboration and teamwork between the Town Council and with Town Manager.

  • Increase transparency in all actions.

  • Focus on fiscal responsibility and elimination of waste.

  • Hold frequent meetings that result in intelligent objectives and completion targets.

  • Get frequent status reports for all objectives and completion targets.

  • Aggressively recruit volunteers with specialized strengths.

  • Preserve Wickenburg’s western and mining heritage and small-town character.

  • Work to keep Wickenburg as the Team Roping Capital of the World and actively promote other equestrian disciplines.

BG Bratcher’s Qualifications:

  • 13 years effectively planning and coordinating Billy Graham Crusades throughout the United States and internationally

  • Extensive work experience in accounting, administration, and serving as Executive Director of a non-profit organization

  • Successful REALTOR® in Wickenburg and surrounding areas since 2004

  • Deep love for and dedication to Wickenburg while prioritizing listening intently to its residents

  • Strong and authenticated leader who listens more than talks and who tackles challenges without hesitation

  • Commitment to going the extra mile to ensure great results

  • Very engaged with town residents by volunteering for many civic organizations

  • Baylor University Graduate Cum Laude (BBA)

  • Town Council Member since December 2020


Leading Wickenburg down the path of Intelligent Growth

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